The Headlines vs. the Market’s Bottom Line

This week’s news offered headlines and head fakes that left investors disappointed and frightened and the S&P down over 4% for the week.  In difficult markets, we need to make investment decisions based on reliable signals vs. anticipating outcomes.  We’ll look at the yield curve, the correction and the market’s bottom line.

Make or Break Pattern on the Charts?

After another volatile week, we’ll look at a pattern forming on the charts that offers clues to the potential direction of the market.  We’ll also explore the fractal aspect to this pattern on several time scales.

Shocktober: Scaring Up a Rally?

Last week we saw to significant drops in the market driven by algorithms after we dropped below key technical levels.  Algorithms using technical analysis drive most of the short term trading volume in the markets now, but they don’t do well at identifying when human sentiment will turn.  Everyday market participants tell themselves stories to explain the past and their future expectations.  This week we’ll look at how these stories create changes in sentiment to answer the question did we just scare up a rally and more important will it last.

Breakdown, Bounce or Bouncing Around?

There’s a saying that the market takes the stairs up and the elevator down.  Last year felt like an escalator and this year we’ve taken the elevator down twice.   This week we’ll look at the mechanics of downside momentum, the health of the long term trend, the bounce and where we might go from here.

Will Rising Rates Sink the Stock Market?

In last week’s video we discussed the potential for short term volatility and examined the long term trend.  The market is in a bit of an air pocket as we wait for the start of earnings season with little to focus on other than rising rates.  In this video, we’ll take another look at a likely path for the markets in the short term and take another look at the long-term trend.  We’ll also answer the question, Will Rising Rates Sink the Stock Market?

The Open Road, Peaks and Potholes

In this week’s video we’ll look at the road map to 3,000 in the S&P and 300 in the SPY ETF, along with peaks and potholes that mark the way.  In particular we’re going to look at whether slowing momentum is signaling a market peak.  We’ll take a trip back to 1954 to compare a similar peak in momentum to today.

Is the Market About to do a Facebook Faceplant?

In this week’s video with Facebook’s crash, we’ll look at whether the tech sector is about to correct or crash the market.  We’ll also look across sectors at sector rotation, selection and strength.  We’ll close with a look at the broader market, the evidence on the charts and some words of wisdom on long term investing.


Will the Global Trade War Pop a Bubble or Extend a Range?

Are we in a bubble that will be popped by the Global Trade War or is it extending a range?  Headlines move the market day to day, but what is the measure of the market?  A stronger market is more resilient than a vulnerable market.  In this video, we’ll look at the shift in patterns in the market and what they tell us about the market’s health and long term investment outcomes.

Would You Rather…?

In this week’s video we’ll go over the week’s economic data, headlines and the technical strength of the sectors.  We’ll play a lightning round of “Would you rather?” to illustrate relative strength comparisons of specific sectors and asset types to the S&P 500.  We’ll wrap up with a look at the daily and weekly charts for the week ahead.