September Swoon?

September is seasonally a weak month for the S&P 500.  With trade and emerging market concerns weighing on the market, the media is asking if we could be in for a September Swoon.  To answer the question, we’ll look at seasonality, near term weakness and the long term charts.

Seeds of Recession – Is Winter Coming?

With the Dow, S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 all hitting new highs, the media loves to ask if winter is coming. We’ll look at three frequently discussed topics: recession, peak economic strength and the potential for an inverted yield curve. We’ll close with a look at the strength of the market trend.

Selecting Winners Using Relative Strength

This week the S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 reached new highs.  With the resumption of the bullish trend, we’ll look at the best performing sectors and how to select winners using relative strength. Since this week marks the official breakout from the 2018 correction, a table listing the characteristics of all corrections in the S&P 500 going back to 1936 is also included.  We close with a look at the new highs in the S&P 500 and the long term trend.

The Open Road, Peaks and Potholes

In this week’s video we’ll look at the road map to 3,000 in the S&P and 300 in the SPY ETF, along with peaks and potholes that mark the way.  In particular we’re going to look at whether slowing momentum is signaling a market peak.  We’ll take a trip back to 1954 to compare a similar peak in momentum to today.

Is the Market About to do a Facebook Faceplant?

In this week’s video with Facebook’s crash, we’ll look at whether the tech sector is about to correct or crash the market.  We’ll also look across sectors at sector rotation, selection and strength.  We’ll close with a look at the broader market, the evidence on the charts and some words of wisdom on long term investing.


Is the Market Climbing a Wall of Worry?

In this week’s video we’ll look at how the market climbs a wall of worry and the importance of staying focused on the evidence in the charts to achieve long term gains.  We’ll at how worry drives trends, how human behavior leads to market tops and bottoms and we’ll close with a look at interim price targets based on the charts.