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Kaliber Capital Management, LLC

Our Philosophy

Markets trend over long periods of time.  These trends can be profitably exploited by capturing the majority of the main movement of the trend.  This requires identification of an emerging trend and staying with the trend as long as possible.  Staying with the trend requires discerning between normal day to day volatility vs. volatility that signals a high probability that the trend is about to end.  Kaliber’s trend following strategy does not try to predict the future, but uses the weight of the evidence to invest in trends with high probability outcomes.

Why Kaliber Works:

  • Capital growth is our primary objective.   We systematically measure the strength of market and asset trends to make high probability investments for our clients.
  • Risk management and capital preservation.  Kaliber builds portfolios using a widely diversified universe of ETFs to appropriately tailor holdings to market conditions.  Position risk on entry is typically less than one basis point of the portfolio.  When the probability of successful investment outcomes deteriorates we incrementally shift from growth to defensive assets.
  • Confidence and perspective.  We are long term trend followers.  Our model is designed to capture the majority of profitable market moves in either direction by investing in the appropriate asset classes.  Our market model incorporates data on monthly, weekly and daily time frames giving us a long-term perspective on the market’s performance.  With a disciplined, evidence based approach to the markets we can invest with confidence.


Why Kaliber Capital Management?

Evidence based strategies allow us to invest with confidence.  We have a systematic approach to observing, measuring and analyzing the market using our model.  We don’t predict, we adapt to the message of the market to find profitable trends in bullish and bearish market conditions.

Our investments are in the same strategies as yours.  You’ll never have to worry about an advisor sitting safely on the sidelines while you’re suffering losses in your account.  We invest side by side with our clients, capturing profitable trends and avoiding the draw-downs associated with buy and hold strategies.   Some people manufacture goods, some people build houses, we’re in the business of growing investments.  We love what we do and share a lot of proprietary market updates and research with our clients.  For many our evidence based perspective provides “sleep capital” in periods of uncertainty.  Others like to know that we do rigorous research and analysis, but are happy to leave it to us.  The goal for us and our clients is to grow our investments in the future together.

Minimum Investment and Fees
Minimum investments are $100,000. Our fee is one percent of assets under management, with discounts for new accounts over $2,000,000.

Managing Director Damon Race invests side by side with our clients.